Coordinate geometry of 2 dimensions

1. If the three vertices of a rectangle taken in order are the points
(2, -2), (8, 4) and (5, 7), the coordinates of the fourth vertex are
a. (1, 1)
b. (1, -1)
c. (-1, 1)
d. None of these

Answer-c. (-1, 1)

2. If the vertices of a triangle have integral coordinates, then the triangle is
a. Equilateral
b. Never equilateral
c. Always isoceles
d. None of these

Solution- An irrational number can't be equal to a rational number.
Hence a triangle with coordinates of the vertices as integers can't be
an equilateral triangle.

Answer- b. Never equilateral

Stress management tips for exams

Here are some tips which helps you to face competitive exams better.
1. Be at the exam hall 30 minutes before the commencement of exam.
2. Eat healthy food before the exam.
3. If the exam center is too long, reach the place a day before.
4. Dont discuss with anyone about the exam paper at the exam center.
5. Dont get distracted by others.
6. Dont get tensed if the paper is difficult. Close your eyes and take
deep breath.

By following the above simple things, you can do well.

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Tancet sample questions part 4

If the 9th term of an A.P is zero, then ratio of the 29th term to the
19th term is?
A. 2:1
B. 3:1
C. 9:1
D. None of these
t9 = a + (9 - 1)d
= a + 8d = 0
Therefore a = -8d
using above method, we get
t29 = 20d
t19 = 10d
therefore, the solution is 2:1

Tancet sample questions part 3

Probability questions
1. Out of 10 white, 9 black and 7 red balls, the number of ways in
which a selection of one or more balls can be made is
a. 881
b. 891
c. 879
d. 892
The white balls can be selected in 10 + 1 = 11 ways.
The black balls can be selected in 9 + 1 =10 ways.
The red balls can be selected in 7 + 1 = 8 ways.
Total number of ways = 11*10*8 = 880
But this includes the case when no ball is selected.
Hence the required number of ways = 880 - 1 = 879

Tancet sample questions part 2

In this Blog, i will tell about questions in computing.
1. The heart and the nerve centre of a computer is
a. Input unit b. Output unit c. C.P.U d. Memory
Answer-c. C.P.U
2. The main memory of a computer as compared to secondary memory is
a. Fast b. Slow c. Large d. Cheap
Answer: a. Fast

Tancet sample questions part 1

1. If cosA=sinB/2sinC then angle of ABC is?
Therefore A=C
hence the angle ABC is isosceles